"Conversing with the external world as well as the inner self" Interview w/ Ryoko Toyama

How do you describe your Craft?

An Expression of emotional reality; A tool for conversing with the external world as well as the inner self.

"July 4" Acrylic

Describe one of your favorite memories in sequim.

As a member of the Sequim Sister City Association, I attend the SAYONARA party in September. This is an annual get-together of the middle school student ambassadors from our Japanese Sister City Shiso and the City of Sequim to celebrate their friendship. Together with host families, I get to enjoy the occasion, particularly the cultural exchange part of the program such as song and dance.

"For New Year with Red" Acrylic

What inspires or Motivates your work currently?

Nature, music, friendship, and solitude.

"Sequim Bay" Acrylic

At this MOment with COVID-19, how can the arts help?

The Arts help viewers/participants to move out of the temporary reality to explore life in a broader context with new norms and perspectives.

how has this situation hit your craft and how can we help YOU?

Reduced in-person exhibits is a temporary negative for the artists, however, technology provides other means of sharing the arts with the community. I would like to see a combined online exhibit of visual and performing arts.

POst COVID-19, what do you hope changes in Sequim? what role do you think the arts might play to support our Sequim?

Integration of arts into the daily life of people will be an attractive element. For example, paint buildings and structures in downtown similar to the idea of Whimsy Park.

What is the essence of Sequim to YOu? Every place has something hidden that the people need to understand. What is that hidden element that people need to understand about sequim?

So far I feel fortunate to live in Sequim, a rural place with fresh air surrounded by the mountains and sea. The "hidden element", positive or negative depends on the given context and may reveal itself as a surprise. If such happens, I will deal with it. Meanwhile, my preference is to live to the fullest with the blessings Sequim provides.

"Mt Baker In Clear Day" Acrylic

What is ONE Creative Practice that you recommend for our readers at this time?

Be part of nature with daily morning walk.

If you could leave anytime for the future generations, What would that be?

Listen to your inner voice and question.

Ryoko in front of her studio 2015