In this changing time, we are here for local artists. Please fill out contact form and let us know your needs. We will post them to this page and do our best to support you. 

Thank you!

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- A call from Olympic Peninsula Wearable Art

Upcoming show is set for August 1, 2020 at the Boys and Girls club.  Visit us at:  We are accepting entries until April 30th. Some things this upcoming show is looking for:

1.  A portable stage

2.  Candidates for judges for the show

3.  Volunteers for day and night of the show

4.  Sponsorship


5.  In kind donations for decorations, food, and prizes for winners.


6.  Someone who can advise us on music regarding royalties, etc.

7.  Hair and make-up artists volunteers. 

8. Materials needed (denim, plaid, belts, embellishments) for the youth workshops we will be offering in late July

Thanks everyone and stay healthy.

-Cherry, President/Founder of Olympic Peninsula Wearable Art

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