As part of Sequim Understory

The City Arts Advisory Commission is calling for artists to creatively engage with the public as part of Sequim Understory, a Creative Placemaking Initiative that  re-envisions Sequim City planning. 


We are looking for strong proposals that will engage with our community in order to help us better understand the desires, needs, and stories of Sequim. We are seeking proposals that illustrate and answer the question:

Who/what is Sequim to you?

Who Can Apply?

Practicing artists of any medium on the Olympic Peninsula are encouraged to apply. 


A group or team may apply. Each individual or group should fill out one application.  


We are seeking artists who have a background or a keen interest in community engagement. 

To be considered, we ask that you submit a proposal that:

1. Engages with our citizens around the identity of Sequim. A strong proposal will have a clear question you want answered pertaining to the identity of Sequim. This should be something that interests you. For example, you might ask: Who is Sequim becoming? What legacy do you envision for Sequim's future?

2. Then, create a plan for how you will engage with our local community around your question.  


We understand that engagement, especially in a pandemic, will need to be creative.


It is important you have a clear plan for how you will engage with a wide range of community members and what exactly you’d like to learn in the process.

3. Lastly, submit a plan for an artwork that creatively illustrates what you discovered after engaging with the community. 


The final work could include but is not limited to songs, poems, paintings, stories or dances. 


Your final work will need to be completed by October, 2021. Final work will be presented to the public in November. Depending on your medium and pandemic conditions, we will work with you to find the best way to show your work. 


How you creatively connect with the community will be just as important as how you communicate your findings. Your work will assist the community by providing another lens for understanding the story of Sequim. 

PLEASE NOTE: Artists are NOT designing Centennial Place at this time. Rather, artists are helping us start the conversation about Sequim with our community through artmaking. 

What will you receive?

The two awarded artists or groups will receive a $1,000.00 stipend for project and engagement expenses.


Artists will need to provide a budget plan and will need to supply receipts and documentation for reimbursement. Budget is meant to cover your artistic expenses as well as any engagement expenses. 

 When do I apply?

Submissions will open in February and close March 15th. Artists will be notified by April 1st, 2021. Apply here.

Direct link:

Do I need to submit a work sample? 

Yes, artists will need to submit 2 work samples that clearly reflect their work.

Writers: please provide 2 writing samples.

Musicians: please provide 2 original song recordings and/or online links

to SoundCloud, YouTube, or Vimeo. 

Visual artists: please provide at least 2 good resolution images of your


Performance artists: please provide 2 links on Vimeo or YouTube) of your work.

To learn more:

Email Arts Coordinator, Aurora Lagattuta at with any questions or concerns. 

To learn more about the Sequim Understory Creative Placemaking Initiative, visit its page here. 


Can groups apply? 

Yes. Each group should submit 1 application with names and contacts of all group members. Work samples should include group projects if available. If not, each artist will need to provide work samples.

How long am I expected to engage with the community?

This is up to each artist and how their engagement plan and medium. It might be a few meetings, a monthly call or a collection of personal visits over a few months. 

We do NOT expect artists to feel obligated to engage for the entire duration of May through September. Rather, artists should think of an achievable method to engage with the community that works for their schedule. Then explain this in your proposal. 


What can I use the money for? 

The funding is for all expenses for project. This could include but is not limited to equipment needed for project, art supplies, and/or engagement expenses.

Please email Aurora Lagattuta at with specific inquiries here. 

What will I need to prepare for my application?

1. A proposal of your project that includes A) Your guiding question of investigation, B) your engagement plan, and C) your artistic outcome. 

2. Two work samples of prior relevant work. 

3. Proposed budget plan. 

4. Explanation of prior community engagement experience. If no experience, please explain why you are deeply interested in this type of work.

Am I designing Centennial Place? 

No. At this point in time, you are helping us have better conversations about Sequim through artmaking. However, what you discover might very well influence and impact the design of the corner in the long run.  


Should my community engagement plan work for pandemic conditions? 

Yes. We understand these are challenging times and require much creativity. We are seeking creative proposals. How can you safely use your craft at this time to connect with your local community? 

What should I expect for the final showing?

We will work with selected artists to plan a showing that 1) best suits your work and medium and 2) is safe and in line with current pandemic protocols and government ordersBest to have a few options in mind. 

My community engagement background is not in the arts; can I still apply?

Yes. Tell us about your experience and how you plan to integrate that experience with your art making. 


I do not have a background in arts engagement, but I am very interested. Can I still apply? 

Yes, tell us about why you are passionate about working with the community and how you plan to do so.  

What type of work samples should I provide?

It will depend on your craft. The samples should clearly reflect your work.

I do not have samples of my work. Can I still apply?

Unfortunately, we are only seeking artists with samples of their work for this project. 

What is the timeline for this project?

Artists will need to apply for Monday, March 15th.

Artists will be notified by April 1, 2021.

Artists will meet with CAAC and arts coordinator in April, 2021 to review, refine, and prepare. 

Artists will engage with the community between May to September, 2021.

Artists will complete their final artwork by October, 2021.

Artists' artwork will be presented to public in November, 2021.