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Marina Shipova 

Meet Marina Shipova

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Who are you? What is your creative practice?

Marina Shipova. I’m a classically trained artist, photographer and educator. 

What is your Sequim Understory project?

I will be portraying a photographic story of local interest through the use of digital artistry.  I will bring a taste of present and past through the depiction of local families, events, businesses and landmarks.


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What excites you about this project?

Photography, history and storytelling are my passions.  Discovering and capturing the many wonderful places and inhabitants of the Sequim area has always excited me.  We do live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.


What can public expect to see/do/experience at the end of your project?

On November 5th, 2021 I share a presentation about my project. My presentation will include photo-stories accompanied by commentaries, digital art and books.

Question for the Community.

What I would like ask the community is… what great stories have I missed?  Please bring to my attention any interesting stories that lend themselves to my digital, photographic artistry.

For more info about Marina, please visit her website here